This is how water softening enriches your life

Water is life. In your home, it plays an important role - its pure taste when cooking, the good feeling on your skin in the bathroom. The better the quality, the higher your sense of well-being. In addition, low-scale water also prolongs the service life of household appliances, fittings and pipes. This is what Grünbeck makes sure of with trendsetting solutions for water. In our latest product developments – the softliQ water softeners – we also attached great importance to design, operator-friendliness and technical perfection.

Revolution in water hygiene – 99.999 % protection against germs

In our opinion, everybody should have access to excellent water quality and therefore, water hygiene plays a major role for Grünbeck. This is why we have developed a revolutionary process which removes germs and bacteria as easily and effectively as never before: adsorption. With the softliQ:PA system we increase safety and well-being wherever you need it.